Sarah Benton of JFJFP responds re. Blakeley article

‘As the postings manager who put up the piece by Jonathan Blakely, entirely on my own initiative, it is quite wrong to attribute the decision to post a piece by Jonathan Blakely to JfJfP. It is a credit to JfJfP’s belief in freedom of speech that my decisions are not supervised, but in this case I made a serious mistake. As a former journalist and teacher journalism I have always insisted on the supremacy of the source. In the case of Zimoz and Liam Fox I was working at such speed that I failed to check the integrity of the source. Had I done so, I would never have posted the piece whatever the merits of the information in it. A source which mocks the reality of anti-semitism and which treats Israel as an anathema has no place in the website for which I provide information.

The post was removed as soon as I was alerted to the the nature of its source. Any attempt to convert my error into an indictment of the organisation for which I post would thus be dishonest and dishonourable

Sarah Benton
Postings manager

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