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Would-be bank robber goes to jail for health care

While Brian Haw was forgoing the conventional medical treatment to which he was entitled as a UK resident, a disabled and uninsured North Carolina man was so desperate for conventional medical treatment that he tried to rob a bank of one dollar so he could receive health care for free in jail.

Treatment by the NHS probably wouldn’t have helped Haw, who was suffering from an advanced case of lung cancer. But the quack “treatment” he received in Germany certainly didn’t.

At least, unlike James Richard Verone and millions of other uninsured Americans, he had a choice.

“If I had not exercised all the alternatives I would be sitting here saying, ‘Man I feel bad about it,’” [Verone] said.

But Verone said he thinks he made the right choice for his situation.

“I picked jail.”

Too bad Mr. Varone couldn’t have received the treatment to which Mr. Haw was entitled.