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Bob Crow’s Dog: Castro

Most readers should be aware by now that tomorrow is the day of what is expected to be a large demonstration: March for the Alternative. I will be attending this TUC supported march in the hope of picking up some evil communist literature worthy of storing in a vault and dragging out in twenty years time.  I expect a reasonable haul.

Bob Crow is a union leader and a self-declared communist who earned £145,000 in 2009 and probably earns more now. The Financial Times has granted him an interview. In this interview, Crow reveals that he owns a Staffordshire bull terrier named after one of his political heroes, Castro.

It is of note that on April 7, 1967  the InterAmerican Human Rights Commission declared:

On May 27, [1966,] 166 Cubans — civilians and members of the military — were executed and submitted to medical procedures of blood extraction of an average of seven pints per person. This blood is sold to Communist Vietnam at a rate of $50 per pint with the dual purpose of obtaining hard currency and contributing to the Vietcong Communist aggression.

A pint of blood is equivalent to half a liter. Extracting this amount of blood from a person sentenced to death produces cerebral anemia and a state of unconsciousness and paralysis. Once the blood is extracted, the person is taken by two militiamen on a stretcher to the location where the execution takes place.

One wonders if Crow has a cat called Mao, a rabbit called Stalin and a fish called Pol Pot.

Hat Tip: John Rentoul.

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