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Back to the Library for David Cameron

It raises the question of just how able Vernon Bogdanor, Professor of Government at Oxford University now considers David Cameron to be. Having tutored Cameron at Brasenose College, he has offered a House of Lords memorandum on discussion surrounding the AV referendum.

Peers previously had returned the legislative chimera, the Parliamentary Voting Systems and Constituency Bill with a stipulation that the referendum results be considered non-binding if turn-out is below 40%. MPs rejected this but, after succeeding beforehand by only one vote, Peers now have reiterated their call by 62 votes.

Part of Cameron’s argument is that such a stipulation is unprecedented.  Yet, as Full Fact has discovered, Bogdanor already has reminded legislators that although the 1979 referendum on Scottish devolution was in favour, the results were declared null as the stipulation of 40% had not been fulfilled.