Julian and Shamir on the BBC

by Joseph W

You can watch Wikileaks: The Secret Story on BBC iPlayer. While the whole programme is worth watching, there is a very interesting section on Julian, Shamir and Alexandr Lukashenko from 22:15.

Intelligence Squared has some lengthy debate about the topic on its website.

As for the reaction to Panorama, Sally Bercow thinks the BBC did a “hatchet job” on Assange.

Meanwhile, Assange himself has found an explanation for why the BBC has criticised him such a way, telling Agoravox:

Today I was verbally attacked a journalist at the exit of a station. It was John Sweeney from the Panorama show. The BBC is one of our biggest adversaries. This media outlet has accused us of collaborating with supposed anti-Semites like Israel Shamir who supports us. He’s a journalist and writer who was born in Siberia and later settled in Israel. He denied Judaism and became pro-Palestinian, and he later converted to Russian Orthodoxy. That is why he is hated in the same proportions as Salman Rushdie. He now lives in Sweden, and he has helped us for a while. The media accuse us of being anti-Semitic, and of providing documents to the Russians and having relationships with Lukashenka. […] We’ve finally discovered that the wife of producer for this show was part of the Zionist movement in London …


The thing is, if being a Zionist discredits you from commenting on Wikileaks, then Assange is in serious trouble.