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From the Vaults: Socialist Worker, February 3, 1979

The following advertisement appeared on the front page of the February 3, 1979 issue of Socialist Worker, the newspaper of the totalitarian Socialist Workers Party. (SWSO is an abbreviation for the Socialist Worker Student Organisation):


Death to the Generals!


with the struggle in Iran.

Demonstration: Saturday 3 February,

Trafalgar Square, 1.30pm.

SWSO and London, Home Counties SWP to support.

What is very noticeable is that the SWP were calling for various people’s death. The violence that they supported is not hidden in the message.  Bakhtiar, the last prime minister of Iran of under the Shah, was ultimately stabbed to death in 1991. I trust the SWP were delighted. I wonder if the murderer had been radicalised on this SWP supported march.