Anti Fascism

The PSC’s Street Thuggery Campaign

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) strongly backs the repeated harassment of Ahava, an Israeli cosmetics store in Covent Garden. The next round of intimidation will begin tomorrow at noon. It follows an attack on the shop on Wednesday night, when red paint was thrown at its windows.

Here is a desperate and ugly smear in support of the campaign, from the PSC’s home page:

The fortnightly demonstrations have become a target for the racist English Defence League. This far-right organisation has teamed up with the Zionist Federation to counter-demonstrate outside Ahava, and will be present again this Saturday.

This is a lie.

The PSC continues:

Oppose fascism
Support the Palestinians
Close down Ahava

This is quite rich coming from a group that is promoting Al Quds Day, the annual “we are all Hezbollah” march organised by the Khomeinists of the Islamic Human Rights Commission.

Here is a sample of the rhetoric one hears at Quds Day. It’s Taji Mustafa of Hizb ut-Tahrir, who will also speak at this year’s march, calling for Arab armies to stage coups and annihilate Israel in partnership with Iran:

This ummah needs a ruler who will stand up for Islam. Who will unite us behind Qur’an. Who will follow the words of the prophet and who will send an army. The army of Egypt is not the army of Egypt. The army of Iran is not the army of Iran. The army of Jordan is not the army of Jordan. These are the armies of Islam. These are the armies of the Muslim ummah. These are the armies that have to move. Takbir! Takbir! Takbir!

Yes, give your charity, may Allah accept it. Yes, make duaa (prayer) for the Palestinians, may Allah accept it. But you have to call, you have to demand, you have to march, that the Muslim armies, they have to disobey their orders. The Muslim armies in Egypt, Jordan and Syria, they have to disobey their presidents and these puppets of the West. They have to move across the borders. They have to liberate Gaza. They have to liberate Palestine, the whole of the land again. Takbir! Takbir! Takbir!

The PSC is also doing its bit to fund Hamas by backing Viva Palestina. Viva Palestina’s key partner is Turkish charity IHH. IHH has passed tens of millions of dollars to Hamas and is not at all shy about expressing its get-the-Jews views. Here, for example, is its president Bulent Yildirim at a meeting with a Hamas official:

Gaza is where Jews, Zionism were defeated. Gaza is the fortress of victory.

The audience was pleased. It “frequently shouted slogans in favour of Hamas”. The Hamas man was grateful:

The donations you sent to us through aid agencies are more valuable to us than our demolished homes. We know your donations are halal.

They are not dirty like the money that went to some other.

They tried to buy us with their dollars; they offered bribe. May Allah be our witness we as your Gazan brothers and sisters will never surrender.

The PSC can dive as deep as it likes into such foul politics. Leftists continue to back it, such as its patron MPs Jeremy Corbyn and John Austin. Amnesty International hosts its meetings. So do churches and Quaker meeting halls.

It would be better if it were shunned for what it is: a bunch of hateful street thugs who promote vicious extremists and fund terrorists.