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Hizb ut Tahrir’s Campaign Continues to Crumble

This is a guest post by Abu Wannabe Arab

Keen to revive its fading fortunes, the paper tiger global Islamist group Hizb ut Tahrir (HT), organised a series of events across the world in order to accelerate the call for ‘Khilafah’ (a caliphate). They arranged events in Australia, the US, the UK and Lebanon, promising to bring together thousands of activists and shake up the world order.

As usual, rhetoric didn’t reflect reality.

Their US conference got cancelled due to complaints from local Muslim and non-Muslim activists who were sickened by the news of HT trying to operate in their area. HT were unable to re-arrange the event. The Australian event went ahead with a fairly poor local attendance. HT Britain provided most of the speakers in Australia, typical and indicative of HT’s inability to attract local support. Following the event, their Australian national spokesperson made a complete prat of himself on TV and couldn’t answer simple questions.

The Lebanon conference was attended by fewer than 100 people, which in a country of 4 million plus Muslims just goes to show the real support they have where it matters. Just have a look at all of the empty chairs enjoying the event – and this is from HT’s own propaganda about the event.

To add injury to insult, HT activists in the Gaza strip were last week attacked by the Hamas-run security services. So, not even fellow Islamists can stand HT. No wonder they are often referred to as Islamism’s ‘black sheep’.

This is all a far cry from the good ole days of the late 90s when HT could attract 5000 plus Muslims to single events in London. They can’t even get that audience worldwide now.

HT continues to decline and the masses continue to lose interest in their shallow slogans and meaningless statements.