Not dead yet?

It’s one year on and the terrorist mass killer given just three months to live is still alive, having been released on “compassionate grounds”.

Apparently, it was all about oil, suggests The Guardian, which suggested earlier this month that it was all about arms.

Also revealed, in contrast to Gordon Brown’s support, the current government think his release was “a mistake”. On the other hand, a key figure urging the Lockerbie bomber’s release was a senior Tory peer, Lord Trefgarne, chair of the Libyan British Business Council.

As a footnote, this article by Guardian associate editor Martin Kettle from September last year – which warns about indulging in too many conspiracy theories –  is worth revisiting.

And in other news. The Yorkshire Ripper has been told he will die in jail. The Guardian reports that the High Court has ruled that he “will not be eligible for parole and must spend the rest of his life in custody.” This is after the European Court of Human Rights ruled that we can’t extradite Abu Hamza and other terror suspects to the United States because they might be sentenced to the cruel and inhuman fate of “life without parole”.

Unluckily for Mr Ripper, his crimes were not part of a fanatical religious fundamentalist plot to undermine our national security.