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IHH and “Cockroaches”

Here is some more video from the Mavi Marmara, the main ship in Turkish charity IHH’s cruise for Hamas. One man clearly got into the “Khaybar, oh Jews” spirit:

When I went [on the] first [Viva Palestina] convoy, I wanted to be a shaheed [martyr]. I wasn’t that lucky. Second time I wanted to be a shaheed. Didn’t work. Third time lucky, inshallah [God willing], I’ll be shaheed. They won’t touch me. I’m not scared of them. Never be scared of them. We are Muslims. Muslim people are not scared of those cockroaches, so I’m not worried.

If the Israelis dare and try to fight us, we’re going to give them a really good fight. Let them try. We show them who we are. Because we are Muslims, not scared to die. And I know for a fact they love to live, they’re scared of death. So inshallah, Allah with us, and we are going to win.

So I am sitting here just relaxing, waiting for that battle. Just, you know, very, very patient. I really, really want to see that. I can’t wait, I can’t wait to see the Israelis.

The clip also shows a senior IHH official discussing the events after the convoy was intercepted:

The passengers aboard the ship were all prepared for this outcome. They all wanted to become martyrs. They were prepared. Our goal was to reach Gaza or die without achieving that. They were all prepared. All the people on the ship were prepared and the humanitarian aid organisation (IHH) was prepared for that.

Are you into violent antisemitic hatred? If you are, do sign up with Viva Palestina and IHH for the next convoy for Hamas in September.