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Leadership deadline extended as David Miliband secures at least 32 MPs

LabourList is saying that Labour Leadership frontrunner David Miliband has at least 32 MPs backing him putting him in touching distance of becoming the first to achieve the support of the required 33 MPs.

This as the BBC reports that Labour is extending the deadline for MP’s nominations for leadership until June 9th.

Those declared for David Miliband include: Bob Ainsworth; Hugh Bayley ; Chris Bryant; Russell Brown; Douglas Alexander; Julie Elliot; Louise Ellman; Jim Fitzpatrick; Caroline Flint; Tom Harris; Tessa Jowell; Jim Murphy; Stephen Twigg; and Phil Woolas among others.

The extension to the nominations, which is exactly the right thing to do, comes after numerous people in the Labour Party and the candidates objected to the short window.

The extension will not help John McDonnell much as Neil D blogged earlier, but might help Diane Abbott in her personal quest for publicity after she threw her hat in the ring on BBC R4 this morning. She explained on ITN why she is running should you care to watch.

It will be interesting to see if Andy Burnham has the support needed as the scrabble for votes unfolds in the coming three weeks. I’m guessing Ed Balls is a shoo-in for his 33 votes along with Ed Miliband.

David Miliband was on very good form last night on BBC Newsnight where he spoke again about the need to renew the party, build its roots, and create again a party that is a movement. Maybe that is Next Labour.