Public anger at BNP official who says Royals are “traitors”

This is a cross post by Maurice Cousins of There is Nothing British about the BNP
Richard Lumby B 260310A screen grab of Richard Lumby attacking the Royal Family

British voters are disgusted by a senior West Midlands British National Partyorganiser who told local activists that the Royal Family are “traitors”.

In a February 2010 regional meeting Richard Lumby spoke about the treachery of the Royal Family and how the Establishment’s heads (”media whores” and “financiers”) should “hang from every lamp post, turning and bridge” for “betraying” Britain.

A furious Lumby whipped his BNP audience up by saying:

“… there are millions of them [immigrants] coming in through the back door who have no wish to integrate into our way of life. They are being aided and abetted by the traitors in Westminster… every single one of them is a traitor because they turned a blind eye to this. And don’t think the Royal Family are any better either. You may be Royalist and it may upset you, but I do not care because they have signed away our sovereignty and they have not lifted a finger.”

You can see a video of Lumby making these remarks here (forward to about 5.36 mins).

Mr Lumby is married to Tanya Jane Lumby, who was listed as one of three senior BNPofficials in the EHRC’s submission to the Central London Court. The other two wereNick Griffin MEP and Simon Darby, deputy BNP chairman.

This is not the first time BNP officials, members and supporters have attacked the Royals.

Mark Collett, head of BNP publicity, has previously said:

“The Royals have betrayed their people. When we’re in power they’ll be wiped out and we’ll get some Germans to rule properly.”

The BNP have refused to condemn a party supporter who called the Queen a “traitor” and a “bitch”.

Last night there was outrage from across the party political spectrum at these un-British remarks made by Lumby. Former Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett MPsaid:

“This puts an end to the lie that senior BNP members are not anti the Queen and the monarchy. With their own words, they have condemned themselves as the unpatriotic, dangerous and anti-democratic bunch they really are.”

Lib Dem MP John Hemming, Yardley, also slammed the BNP:

“People often don’t know the truth about the BNP.  They are unpatriotic having condemned the Royal Family as traitors …  Some of  their members have been terrorists and have run bombing campaigns in an attempt to kick off a race war.  Most people, if they knew the truth, would not support them.”

Lumby’s disgraceful remarks only go to remind British voters just how un-British these neo-fascist groups are, despite their attempts to wrap themselves up in the flag and the Armed Forces. The BNP make liberal use of the word traitor, but perhaps they should start looking in their own back yard. Griffin should distance himself from these unpatriotic remarks by sacking Lumby.

For more information regarding the BNP and the British monarchy please our article here.

Maurice Cousins