Galloway reveals warning by Israeli intelligence

Can anybody help me deconstruct the following sentence from George Galloway’s recent published hypocrisy?

Coincidentally – or maybe not – the Israeli intelligence services have warned of action to undermine the alliance between the left and Muslim communities in Britain, in London in particular, embodied in the movements against war and for Palestine.

Action by whom? By Israeli intelligence services? If so, whom have they warned? You? If they were preparing to undermine something, why would they reveal their plans to anyone? Isn’t undermining best accomplished without advance notice?

Oh, and which “left”? Which “Muslim communities”?

One more thing, Mr. Galloway: I’ll take seriously your outrage over antisemitism in Britain when you (a) denounce and break with your Holocaust-denying “right hand” Sabah al Mukhtar and (b) quit your job with the Holocaust-denying, neo-Nazi-promoting Press TV.

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