Homophobia,  Islamism

The video someone doesn’t want you to see

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Harry’s Place has been playing a cat-and-mouse game with someone over the last two days to bring you this video of the homophobic lunatic Abdul Karim Hattin speaking at the East London Mosque.

The video has been removed from YouTube three times, each time reported to YouTube for “breach of copyright” or “terms of use violation”.

We can’t be bothered to fight with YouTube and explain that it is neither of these. It is legitimate criticism regarding a matter of public concern… so we’ve hosted the video privately.

In his address at the East London Mosque, Mr Hattin has a section of his PowerPoint presentation called “Spot The Fag”, which is – he says – a “game I like to play”.

We have no idea who is so desperate to make sure this video isn’t exposed to a wider audience, but we can understand that it must be profoundly embarrassing to the East London Mosque who hosted the event, or perhaps inconveniently attracting more attention than Mr Hattin wants to his hateful mission.