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Introducing Che Takeshima

Recently we carried a column by Dave Dudley, of Leninist Vanguard, who has been writing for Harry’s Place intermittently since 2003. Dave has informed us that he wishes to concentrate on campaigning for an elected mayor of Tower Hamlets on behalf of George Galloway and will therefore be leaving his rhetorical weapons at home for a few months and pounding the pavements instead.

In the interests of pluralism and engaging with the broader left, Harry’s Place will now feature a new regular column (or ‘dispatch’) by Che Takeshima, prolific blogger and author of a number of pamphlets on Iran, imperialism and the future of the left (including ‘Cultural Theory in Socialist States’ and ‘Why Atheism? Why Now?’).

In particular, she is interested in exposing how western liberals provide aid and comfort towards the subjugation of Iran through their bogus secularist agenda and skewed notions of human rights. Her journalistic icons are Studs Terkel, John Pilger and Noam Chomsky.

Ms Takeshima will write here in a personal capacity.