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A Miracle on Carmelite Street

The New Statesman has been a shadow of its former self recently. Even its blog ‘the Staggers’ has rarely managed to attract more than a couple of desultory comments under each article.

Until now that is. A recent online article has smashed previous records and attracted over two hundred comments, an unbelievable number for the ailing publication.

What’s the kerfuffle about?

Islamic theology.


I set out a selection of the comments the article on Seventh Century Imam Hussein has attracted below:

Rachel S: Excellent article – please keep them coming. No one else on earth has been able to evoke such strong emotions in people and that too thirteen centuries later. Thank you God for this miracle.

Sarah: Great article – hope to see more articles like this that inform the reader truthfully about Islam, whatever their background or faith. The message of peace and tolerance of Imam Hussain from the tragedy of Kerbala has impacted upon the West’s modern day heros as well as the world’s Muslims

Kerry Hamilton: If one tenth of this event were to take place in the West, films upon films would have been made about it. Iraq, however, seems like “background noise” to most of us living in in the West. As a non-Muslim I feel like taking the journey there, hopefully when security improves. Thank you for the article NewStatesman.

Mark Bellfield – Auckland, New Zealand: This is the first time I read about the Shia pilgrimage to Karbala. It is a very informative and insightful account spoken by an Iraqi.

David: Ecellent, eloquent, clear and a well written peice. Captures the nectar of Hussein that is truly universal and beyond race, gender, religion and culture.

Gosh, hasn’t our knowledge of Islamic sects improved since the days when the New Statesman was a socialist magazine? Too bad the grammar’s not as good though.