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Time To Give Money To Hope Not Hate

This is a press release from Nick Lowles from Hope Not Hate

By now, you’d think I’d be used to Nick Griffin’s outrageous remarks.

But the BNP leader’s recent comments about the Haiti relief efforts were truly appalling. Griffin said, “Sending aid to rioting ingrates while our own people die is stinking elite hypocrisy.”

Calling suffering Haitians “rioting ingrates” is pure heartlessness, and now I’m more committed than ever to stopping this man from becoming an MP in Barking and his party from winning council seats across the country.

We’re planning to fight back on 13 February with a national Day of Action which will deliver over 500,000 pieces of anti-BNP literature. But for this to happen, we need to raise £15,000 – can you donate to help us stop the BNP?

Based on the London Assembly elections, Griffin could become an MP with a swing of just 3.8%. Donate £10 now to stop him:

The response to the earthquake in Haiti has brought out the best in us, with many thousands of people contributing money and time to help the Haitian people.

It has also revealed Griffin’s callous disregard for human life and lack of any sense of compassion or justice. The thought of him winning a seat in Westminster horrifies me.

But it is a reality we may wake up to in a few months time. On Feb 13th we’ll be working hard to stop this happening: in our key battlegrounds – Barking, Dagenham and Stoke-on-Trent – we’ll be delivering special newspapers. On top of this we’ll be delivering over 400,000 leaflets across the country. We’re aiming to distribute over 500,000 pieces of literature in total – can you donate £10 to our cause to make this happen?

We don’t have big corporate sponsors or millionaire funders – what we have is you. Please contribute £10 or whatever you can afford to help pay for our Day of Action.

We have proved time and again that when we organise against the BNP we stop the BNP. The maths are simple – but I need your support to make sure we can put this infrastructure in place.

Please donate whatever you can afford now.