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The Modern BNP: Twits, twats, and metrosexuals

This is a cross post by Edmund Standing

Regular readers may recall BNP Legal Director Lee Barnes’s views on social networking sites:

I hate anyone with a fucking facebook account, who twitters, who has a myspace account, who spends time posting up pictures of their sad lives and their ugly mugs on the internet – if you have one of those techno shite accounts then you are sad fucking, no life, metrosexual twat.

One can only wonder, then, what he makes of the BNP’s GLA member Richard ‘Gay Porn‘ Barnbrook’s techno shite activities on Facebook.

For Barnes, modern Britain is:

A simpering, pathetic land of twitting fuckwits, facebook posting arsewipes and simpering metrosexuals… I used to love the British stiff upper lip, now we have the metro-sexual droopy dick.

What would Barnes make of a man whose stated interests include ‘massage’, ‘hugs’, and ‘naked cuddles in bed’?

Would he perhaps tell Barnbrook and his Facebook followers:

So fuck off you non-entitry [sic] dickheads.

You aint [sic] even real.

You are just the souless [sic] product of another wankers [sic] marketing campaign.

Well, probably not. But he may have a point if he did, for Barnbrook is indeed ‘the soulless product of another wanker’s marketing campaign’. And here’s the wanker in question:

As Barnes so memorably put it:

The more you twit, the more you are a twat.

How egotistical do you have to be to want to set up your own twitter account anyway.

Like anyone is interested in what YOU are doing.