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Hypocrisy over Anjem Choudary

This is a cross post by Edmund Standing

Compare and contrast:

Anjem Choudary and the British media: Recruiting for the BNP – Harry’s Place, March 16, 2009

The BNP’s Recruiting Sergeant? – Sky News Blog, January 4, 2010

Of course, what Sky News’s Glen Oglaza fails to mention in his post is the instrumental role the media have played in the rise to prominence of Choudary and his cult. Thanks to the constant media platform Choudary has received for a number of years now, we see him organising yet more outrages, knowing full well that the British media will be there to report everything in salacious detail. The media have been every bit the recruiting sergeants for the BNP that Choudary is.

The Telegraph is reporting that Choudary admits that the planned Wootton Bassett march is a ‘publicity stunt’. Well, of course it is. And of course The Telegraph has long been one of his main proxy media outlets.

On the topic of giving a platform to people like Choudary, Dizzy Thinks offers another ‘compare and contrast’: Compare and contrast the reaction of the ‘no platform’ anti-fascists to the appearance of Nick Griffin on Question Time with their (once again) muted reaction to the planned activities of a brown skinned fascist and the thuggish crew of Islamist fascists he leads…