Anti Muslim Bigotry,  Israel/Palestine

The Reflex

This is a reflexive reaction to wickeness, for some people:

Dozens of rabbis who had planned to visit the Palestinian village of Yasuf – where a mosque was vandalized on Friday – met with the village elders at the Tapuah junction on Sunday afternoon after being held up for several hours by the IDF.

The Jewish leaders presented the Palestinian group with Koran books to replace those burnt in the fire.

Representatives of the group of rabbis told Army Radio that the aim of the meeting in Yasuf was to present the view of the “sane majority which condemns acts of extremism.”

At the meeting, Tekoa Rabbi Menahem Fruman told the Muslim leaders that Friday’s arson attack contradicted halacha (Jewish law), and said that those who vandalized the mosque were trying to further aggravate the situation in the West Bank.

In a Channel 2 interview on Sunday evening, Fruman said, “I want to work for peace – the peace of God.” The rabbi added that he expects “every man with a mouth, especially if he represents religion, to use it to add peace in the world.”

Fruman concluded the interview by saying “Peace will prevail.”

Munir Abushi, the Palestinian governor of Salfit, the district where the village is located, thanked the rabbis for the Koran books and for their gesture of solidarity with the Palestinians against the arson attack.

“I thank you for coming here to identify with us against this violent act, which undermines peace in the area,” Abushi said.

“This act was racist. We support real peace,” he said.

More reactions to the mosque vandalism in the report, including strong condemnation of the attack by Netanyahu, by the rabbi of the Kotel, and by the Anti Defamation League.