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Leon Kuhn redux

We last encountered Leon Kuhn, cartoonist (or whatever you call him) for the SWP’s newspaper, when one of his works appeared on a poster in an anti-Israel demonstration during the 2006 war against Hezbollah.

Now Kuhn has produced another devastating graphic denunciation of brutal imperialist repression:

kuhn cartoon 2

I knew that image looked familiar. Here’s Kuhn’s source:

stamping in iran 2

The photo was taken in the Iranian city of Karaj, where police were arresting young people as part of a nationwide “plan to eradicate corruption”.

Dissidents charge that Tehran’s clerical rulers are fiercely cracking down on youths disenchanted with the government’s repressive policies rather than on “trouble-makers”.

That’s right. Kuhn used a photo of real government repression in Iran to create an image of imagined US repression in Afghanistan.