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Jews influence the darnedest things

Edmund Standing’s recent cross-post about a BNP Life Member’s neo-Nazi blog revealed, among other things, that the BNPer is a fan of a Swedish white nationalist singer called Saga.

Among Saga’s stirring paeans to Aryan superiority is a song called “Tomorrow Belongs to Me,” which she sings utterly unironically in this tribute to all things Nordic.

As I assume everyone knows, the song is from the musical “Caberet.” In the movie version, it is featured in an unforgettable scene depicting the sinister appeal of Nazism.

What the white nationalists may not know is that the man who created those stirring lyrics which touch the hearts of Saga and other neo-Nazis was Fred Ebb, who was both gay and Jewish.

That’s right. The Jews’ malign influence extends even into the heart of white nationalism.