Anti Fascism

Hungary 90 years ago and today

This is a guest post by Karl Pfeifer

Admiral Horthy rode on a white horse into Budapest and his rule started with a massacre of about 3000 persons. His rule ended with the deportation of half a million Hungarian Jews.

Hungary’s right wing parties do everything to gloss over those facts.

And it is logical that the neo-arrow-cross Jobbik party has demonstrated yesterday remembering Horthy’s entrance to Budapest with some of them also riding on white horses.

The police arrested 13 members of this black clad Guard, but most of their members participated in the final rally. The police could not stop the “Hungarian Guard” and the extreme right is convinced that this
demonstration with 3000 participants is their great victory.

Other paramilitary groups like the elite of the Hungarian Guard the “Gendarmes” and the “national watch army (in green uniforms) could participate, because they are not banned.

Jobbik Vice-president Levente Murányi promised to “rid the reds from Budapest” and that there will be a reckoning “and everyone will get what is due to him”.

“The annihilation of rats has started at the elections to European parliament (where Jobbik received almost 15 % of the votes K.P.). We have to wait for the real thing,

But not for a long time.”

There are photographs here.

(ED: Also see the report in Nothing British About the BNP. Jobbik is Nick Griffin’s key ally in the European Parliament.)