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‘A new intellectual elite’

This is a cross-post by Edmund Standing

For those of you who can’t get enough bizarre and pretentious pseudo-intellectual nonsense (i.e. people who have already finished trawling through the archives of International Socialism), the first issue of Attack, ‘cultural journal’ of the ridiculous Integralist Party is now available for download. ‘Brought to you by the staff of the New Britain Foundation’, Attack offers Mosley worship (‘a Gladiator clad in Black’), Germanic paganism, and much, much more, including a manifesto:

1. ATTACK is committed to the creation of a new intellectual elite to govern British society

2. ATTACK is committed to the destruction of the political class to make way for the new order

3. ATTACK is committed to positive outlook [sic] which is Vitalist and Authoritarian

4. ATTACK is committed to patriotic endeavour and represents the national interest

5. ATTACK is committed to a system of morality which is Natural and primordial to Man

6. ATTACK is committed to a sprit [sic] of courage, audacity, and Joy in meeting struggle

7. ATTACK is committed to combating Materialism, Egalitarianism, and Internationalism

8. ATTACK is committed to a revolutionary modernism that is against the modern world

9. ATTACK is committed to the spiritual and moral hardening of the British people

10. ATTACK is committed to the promotion of beauty, strength, and intelligence as higher virtues

Which all boils down to this:

An important fact the editor of Attack obviously failed to take into consideration when he decided to start a journal is highlighted here.