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Do you really want to go there, George?

Commenters here sometimes wonder why Harry’s Place continues to devote so much attention to the activities of George Galloway.

Surely, they say, he has been thoroughly discredited. Nobody takes him seriously anymore.

If only. According to an enthusiastic report by Ger Francis at Socialist Unity:

For those involved in Palestinian solidarity in Birmingham, its university has long felt like some weird Zionist outpost. For years Israeli apologists, through bureaucratic bullying and intimidation via the Student Union Guild, have been able to hinder and stifle debate.

Those days are fast disappearing.

This week saw the Friends of Palestine Society sell out, at £5 a head, a 400 capacity auditorium (with a few dozen extra students having standing room only) for an audience with George Galloway MP. The success of the meeting, and the feebleness of the Zionist opposition to it, is further evidence of the growing hegemony of Palestinian solidarity in all corners of the city.

Aside from his usual anti-Zionist rant, Galloway went out of his way to proclaim his anti-antisemitic credentials; Holocaust denial should be a crime, he said.

If Holocaust deniers in the UK ought to be criminals, then Sabah al Mukhtar should be locked up.

In the course of a friendly 2006 interview by the raving American antisemite Darryl Bradford Smith, al Mukhtar echoed many of Smith’s Jew-hating sentiments– for example, calling The Protocols of the Elders of Zion “an incredible insight.” At various points in the interview al Mukhtar referred to “the so-called Holocaust” and “the Holocaust, quote unquote.” I believe most reasonable judges and juries would consider this prima facie evidence of denial.

So who is Sabah al Mukhtar? He is the man George Galloway called “my right hand” in the Viva Palestina expedition to Gaza earlier this year. That was when Galloway, who is employed by the Holocaust-denying Iranian regime, turned over fistfuls of cash to the Holocaust-denying Hamas regime.