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A Red-Green-Brown Alliance in Sweden

Stockholm News reports:

A new movement wants to recruit people in Sweden. The controversial Mohamed Omar is the front person.

The main people around Omar are radical muslims but according to Swedish public radio broadcaster SR, there are also right-wing extremists and persons from the radical left in the movement too.

Mohamed Omar has worked hard the last six months to create a sort of radical anti-sionist movement in Sweden. He is a famous personality in Sweden. Among else, he has been invited to several TV programmes in Sweden with a cultural theme.When he during last winter ´came out´ as a radical islamist, many were shocked.

– We will found a party, probably very soon. It will not be an islamic party but an anti-sionist party, Mohamed Omar says to SR.

The people that he has gathered around him, are known anti-semites and holocaust deniers. One of them is Ahmed Rami, earlier sentenced for anti-semistic agitation.

Mohamed Omar does not however view himself as anti-semite:

-We are only against these views. For example that they have a state which is rascist against Arabs and that they persecute Arabs etc., he says to SR.

On Mohamed Omar´s homepage however, the message is spread that the holocaust is a bluff and that Jews are mentally ill.

Omar is however criticized by other muslims in Sweden. The leader of Sveriges unga muslimer (Sweden´s Young Muslims) Mohamed Amin Kharraki distances himself from these radical views:

– An alliance with right-extreme groups is not a good alliance. If we truly want to solve the problem with racism, we must say no to racism in its entirety, he says to SR.

Also people from the Swedish movement for Palestine are worried. Andreas Malm is one of them:

– This is not a part of the Palestine Movement, but a kind of extreme right grouping which tries to break into the Palestien Movement, he says to SR.

Gene adds: Swedish public radio reported on Omar’s “anti-Zionist” movement, reminiscent of the French “comedian” Dieudonné’s unsuccessful campaign for European Parliament.