Islamism,  Suicide Watch

Suicide Watch

With over 150 dead and 500 wounded, and two government buildings destroyed, the twin suicide car bombs in Baghdad over the weekend is the most depressing suicide attack yet.

The pessimistic view:It should be more and more clear that al Qaida is intent on taking over countries. It is not satisfied with being an underground terror organisation. To reach its ultimate ambitions, it needs a state to base itself in. It can achieve this either by actually taking de facto power or creating enough lawless chaos that it is left to its own devices. It seems to me that, whether we like it or not, they are digging the frontline trenches fro WW III.

The optimistic view: The Taliban and al Qaida are just localised responses to Imperialism and if we (the UK and the US, principally) withdraw our troops everything will settle down and get back to normal.

What’s in-between?