Praying for Hamas in East London

Tomorrow at sunset, Abdul Rahman al-Sudais, imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca and a rank antisemite and supporter of terrorism, will lead evening prayers at the East London Mosque.

This is no surprise. Abdul Qayum, a signatory of the pro-Hamas Istanbul declaration (pdf), is the East London Mosque’s imam and khatib.

In a sermon on January 16 2009, Qayum said:

Some people are making wrong comments. They don’t know the facts, what is happening, why all this happening? Some people are saying “What is the necessity of Hamas and fighting Israel? They should make compromise”.

This kind of wrong comments. First of all, many people are, they don’t know the real fact, because the media propaganda in the beginning. In the last few days, little bit of, we can see, good information is coming. But before it was very biased. So it was Israel’s only propaganda war, it was Hamas is the main problem. They have, as if they want to say, they have no problem with the normal Palestinian, the only problem is with Hamas. Let us deal with Hamas. This was their tool of propaganda.

It gets worse from there (segment starting at 1:02). Have a listen here on HP if you would like to know more about the lay of certain theological land in East London.

Last year, according to its accounts, the East London Mosque received almost half a million pounds in public sector funding.