The Messiah Writes…

Here is a long piece by former Stop The War Coalition stalwart, David Shayler.

It is illustrated and comes with a video who shows a number of “well spoken” crusties are evicted from a farm, while Shayler remonstrates with the police:

Obviously I’m not living full-time as Dolores. Transvestism is not the same as transsexuality and I’m perfectly happy as a bloke. I probably dress once or twice a week at the moment. And no, I’m not gay. It’s as if I fancy women so much, I want to be one – but only on a temporary basis.

And no, I haven’t had a breakdown – I’ve been dressing as Dolores – not Delores — for years. In fact, my ex-girlfriend Annie initially encouraged my exploration of my feminine side – although only in private. I’ve been going out dressed in public since I stopped going out with her three years ago. Since then, I’ve seen very little of her and not at all this year so she really is in no position to judge my mental state. I have though on many occasions offered to explain my journey to her but she doesn’t want to listen.

Any spiritual teacher will tell you that the ultimate goal of the journey is to combine and balance the masculine and feminine. The Biblical Jesus says “I am Male and Female”. The equal-armed, Messianic Cross – the symbol of the Christ – represents this balance of the masculine and feminine.

Over the years, I have been in enormous conflict with all sorts of authority, beginning with my mother and taking in MI5 and the British judiciary on the way. That ‘up-and-at-them’ male energy has to be counter-balanced with a strong feminine energy, which I get from getting dolled up – and feeling sexy.

As the Christ, I’m the begotten of Jesus the Father and Gaia, the divine mother and goddess of love and sexuality. She does not incarnate into this world. I’m therefore the closest you will get to an incarnation of Gaia also known as the Magdalene …

Cont. p 94


Homercles provides the following illustration:

Brett adds:

According to the Evening Standard, Shayler is in a dispute with the Panacea Society – a small cult waiting for the Messiah (not to be confused with several substantially larger cults waiting for the Messiah, or the return of the Messiah) – over, it would appear, their failure to hand over £22.5 million they’ve kept in reserve to fund The Messiah’s good works when he arrives on Earth. The details are confusing, but it appears Shayler feels they haven’t given him his due – or even a fair hearing. Personally, I think he should sue and force the Panacea Society – a registered charity – to prove in a court of law that he isn’t indeed the Messiah. Unlikely as it is, we cannot entirely discount the chance that the trustees of a society such as this might be unwilling to entertain any claims to Messiahhood so that they can continue to control the charity’s considerable wealth. At the very least, the Charity Commission should investigate whether the Panacea Society’s procedures are robust and fair enough to warrant their enjoyment of charitable status.

If they won’t investigate Shayler’s claims to divinity, frankly, whose claims will they take seriously? Next time it might be yours or mine!