UK Politics

MC for PM

Michael Cashman MEP delivered a most engaging speech last Friday, covering topics like democracy and human rights with a genuine passion. He also touched on the calamity of the recent European Elections. The occasion was the 30th anniversary of the Gay & Lesbian Humanist Association, of which Cashman is an honorary vice president.

Few politicians – and certainly no other leading Labour politicians – have this much charm, charisma and passion (yes, I’ll use the that word again).

So why isn’t he considered for PM? Going into the next elections with one G. Brown at the helm will surely end in disaster. And there are few other hopefuls in his circle. So, were I a Labour strategist, I’d be looking for a more oblique approach to selection.

Cashman has the goods. And having recently seen Trevor Phillips speak, so does he. Time to think outside the proverbial box, people, if you want to save Labour, which might not be a bad plan when you consider what the Tories are up to in Europe.

Articulate, quick-witted, charming (and well groomed). It shouldn’t be such a tall order. Labour had it in Blair, but stupidly undermined their triple-winning stallion for an old brown nag. So here we have Cashman and Phillips. Both appear statesmanlike and prime ministerial. None of the other fumblers and jobsworths do.

So, something to think about?