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A Guest Post From An Al Muhajiroun Supporter

From Jeffrey Marshall

I was sitting in the main hall downstairs and watched you insisting on invading the women’s section upstairs.

Some of the women who had been sitting there – among others – were pleading with you to leave.

The men around me were complaining that you were ‘ignorant’ and rude and I can only agree. You are extremely bad mannered.

(Others were joking that you were probably a transvestite!)

What is this PC preoccupation with non-segregation anyway? What does it matter?

The bulk of people at that meeting wanted a segregated environment and only a handful of troublemakers, like yourself, refused to go along with it.

My female companion sat upstairs, I sat downstairs. What was the big deal?

We were both sitting near the front so we could ask questions afterwards if we wished.

I have attended segregated meetings with Choudary speaking in the past and found them extremely stimulating.

The contrast between the real men at that meeting and the camp little queer in charge of the hall – closing the meeting down because it was ‘segwegated’ – could not be clearer.


Yusuf Smith adds:

I think “Jeffrey Marshall” is a troll, actually. I can find no trace of him posting as a Muslim elsewhere; the name does, however, belong to the senior organiser of the BNP’s European election campaign, and you can read his views on children such as David Cameron’s recently deceased son here.