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MPACuk: “Yes, We Are Mad”

MPACuk is a pro-jihadist campaigning organisation, which is run by Asghar Bukhari, a man who sent money to the Holocaust denier, David Irving, to assist him in his libel action, and then offered to fundraise for him. It is notorious for republishing articles and graphics sourced from neo-Nazi sites.

In recent days, it has outdone itself.

Exhibit 1: an article entitled London 2012 a Zionist Cabal. Of course!

Here are the members of the ‘cabal’. First, the Chief Executive is a ‘millionaire banker’ who is a Jew who holidays in Israel. Secondly, their head of ‘New Media’ is a great grandson of Lord Balfour, who created the State of Israel, and he doesn’t employ any Muslims. Then there’s this:

So what you may still ask bet they have a community relations team. Well, yes they do, but why is it their focus seems to be managing the concerns of a small minority of Zionist extremists who appear determined, at the behest of their political masters in Israel, to get a memorial built in London to mark the 30th anniversary of the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes.


Finally, here comes the knockout blow. The Olympics are being held during Ramadan. Obviously, you’d blame the Jews for that.

It is illustrated with this rather alarming graphic. I’m not sure what its relation is to the story. Is it the golden snitch? Or perhaps a Toclafane? Any other suggestions?


Anyhow, here’s another article, this one entitled It’s time Pakistan stopped acting as a mercenary force. Surprisingly, however, the article takes some time to get round to discussing Pakistan’s military strategy. First, we have this:

It’s great to see others being inquisitive and questioning things they’re unsure about. God commands people to think and inquire. It is fascism, racism, communism, imperialism, all by-products of Darwinism, and other atheist ideologies that encourage people not to think, and to do what they are told without question. These ideologies are the real enemies that need to be exterminated. People who don’t think will never come anywhere near the truth, following their whims and desires, merrily continuing on in their contumacy thus leading lives rife with deception and error. By thinking, man can understand the reason for the creation of the world, and the reason for his own existence.

He continues:

In suggesting that life sprang into existence without any kind of governing intelligence, they fly in the face of the evidence emerging from science that the hitherto unimaginable complexity of life forms, including the living cell, makes it scientifically impossible for life to have emerged without some kind of intelligent design.

Oh no, hang on… that last paragraph came from, erm, Melanie Phillips. But I digress…

Anyhow, the article continues:

The real Taliban are actually highly patriotic, pro-Pakistani, anti-Indian regime who will sacrifice their lives in the interests of Pakistan. Unfortunately, this group is heavily infiltrated with foreign agents working for Indian RAW, Israeli Mossad and American CIA. During interrogation, many arrested militants confessed that they were working for Indian RAW. Some of the killed militants were found to be non-circumcised.

What can I say but “wibble”?