The Left Alternative’s alternative to web content

Remember, a couple of years ago, the split in the Respect Coalition between a faction tied to George Galloway and a faction tied to the Socialist Workers’ Party?

And remember how the Galloway faction called itself Respect Renewal while the SWP faction was forced to call itself (for electoral purposes) the Left List? And recall how the SWP’s Lindsey German ran for mayor of London as the candidate of the Left List, coming in eighth out of nine candidates? And how the Left List begat the Left Alternative? And how German and John Rees resigned from the national council of the Left Alternative before they resigned from the central committee of the SWP?

And you know how you’ve wondered ever since what became of the Left Alternative? Well, check out their website. It seems the Left Alternative is indeed offering an alternative– to organizations that, y’know, actually have stuff on their websites.

And there’s still a link to it from the SWP website.

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