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SWP on Durban II

The Socialist Workers’ Party has issued its “line” on Ahmadinejad’s disgusting speech to the Durban II conference, and on the reaction to it, in an editorial in their newspaper.

They disapprove of Ahmadinejad’s antisemitism; or at least I think they do, as they seem reluctant to attribute it to him directly.

Socialist Worker rejects anti-semitic conspiracy tales about Jewish control of the media and world finance and is resolute in opposing any denial of the Holocaust.

And who precisely is spreading these tales and denying the Holocaust? I guess we’re supposed to figure that out for ourselves.

But it seems that wasn’t the real problem at the Geneva conference. Rather it was the “double standards” of the countries which boycotted the conference or which participated in the walkout during Ahmadinejad’s speech.

[N]one of these countries walked out of anything, or even protested, over the vicious Israeli assault on Gaza earlier this year.

The hypocricy of the US and Britain, who provided the weaponry used to butcher innocent civilians is sickening.

So the outrage isn’t the president of Iran spouting anti-Jewish filth; rather it’s the one country in the world with a Jewish majority defending its citizens.

Has the SWP in recent years ever used a phrase like “butcher innocent civilians” to apply to a country or a “resistance” movement which has actually, you know, butchered innocent civilians?

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