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Truth and Consequences

Something funny appears to have happened to the web site of the US arm of “Viva Palestina”, George Galloway’s Hamas support operation. This is the message one found on its home page over the weekend:

This site is under reconstruction
Please return for regular additions.

Now only a news feed is available.

There is no way to access the old content from the current home page. At present you can reach some of it from the Google cache.

I wonder if the same person or people will be employed to build the new site. This is what he, she or they added to the old site’s “description” meta tag, which is used to describe a web site and attract search engine users who may be interested in its content:

Viva Palestina is a movement of the streets, of the people, born out of the abandonment of Gazans by Western and Arab governments in favor of Israel. Viva Palestina Nola is a sister site of Viva Palestina Lifeline from Britain to Gaza, led by George Galloway MP, with the purpose of raising support for the humanitarian aid convoy which left from London for Gaza on February 14; and to provide a lifeline by arming readers with information to recognize Israel’s psyops against the American people through its occupation of the dominant media in the U.S. and Congress.”

Run for the hills!


Well, presumably the person who came up with that is none other than Katherine Delia LaBarre of New Orleans. She is the registrant of the domain and has called herself an “initiator” of the US campaign. And here she is writing to the New York Times:

That’s why Western news media weren’t in Gaza when the Viva Palestina convoy made it through the Rafah crossing and why this mission was not covered by the dominant media of the West, which is as occupied by Israel as the Palestinian terroritories are.

Here a New Orleans editor is splashed with Israelis-are-Nazis green ink:

Israel’s siege of Gaza and the current massacres are evoking images of the Warsaw Ghetto and the Jewish resisters who in 1943 fought Nazi troops with whatever primitive weaponry they could devise.

LaBarre is also a 9/11 truther:

In the past month I have devoted time to look into assertions that contradict the 9/11 Commission’s report. I lacked the physics and engineering expertise to doubt the explanation for the collapse of the Twin Towers. I’ve only learned of WTC-7 a few weeks ago. It is impossible for a reasonable person who approaches with an open mind the research of these engineers and architects, as well as other investigators, without seeing that there are more monstrous truths that have been kept from the American people and the rest of the world.

Galloway provided just what such people want on his US tour. These annihilationist and pro-terrorist remarks, including his own Israelis-are-Nazis swipe, are from a speech in California:

“I came here to recruit you to the next stage in the saving of Gaza, which is dying. And to forward the liberation of all Palestine and the right of all Palestinians to return to it,” said Galloway to loud applause.

Galloway praised the Palestinian resistance and condemned Israel’s 22-day offensive launched in December, in which more than 1,400 Palestinians died. Galloway characterised the firing of rockets by Palestinians as a “cry of despair” and a “cry of rage” over decades of Israeli apartheid.

“The wonder is not of why some people are sending rockets but of why all people are not firing rockets everyday because they’ve been locked up for the last 60 years in refuge camps that are no more than open air concentration camps”

In general, it is a very bad idea for citizens or residents of the USA to get involved in terrorist financing through charity fronts. The same goes for foreigners with business dealings in the USA. This is what can happen:

The five former charity organizers for the Holy Land Foundation convicted last fall of aiding the terrorist group Hamas will be sentenced in May.

U.S. District Judge Jorge Solis ruled Friday that Shukri Abu Baker, Mohammad El-Mezain and Ghassan Elashi will received their sentences on the morning of May 27. He will sentence Mufid Abdulqader and Abdulrahman Odeh that afternoon. The men face from 15 years in prison to life.

Not even Area 51 can save you when you get into that much trouble.