People Who Hate Me

I thought now might be a good time to take stock of people who have written articles attacking me.

1. Lee Barnes – Head of Legal Affairs of the British National Party.

2. Inayat Bungalawa – of the disgraced Muslim Council of Britain and iEngage, whose CEO is wanted by Interpol in connection with terrorist offences.

3. Neil Clark – Milosovec groupie.

4. Richard ‘Lenin‘ Seymour – member of the extremist Socialist Workers’ Party.

5. ‘Lady’ Renouf – neo Nazi. Unfortunately, her site is now defunct, but it relates to an article I wrote in the JC.

6. Bob Pitt – former Trotskyite who has converted to Islamism.

7. Mark Elf – oddball

8. Asghar Bukhari – MPACuk supremo and former fundraiser for the falsifier of history, David Irving.

Two observations:

(a) They’re very lucky that I don’t sue for libel.

(b) I’m clearly doing something right.


Lee Barnes returns to the fray, with a pun on my name which was first used in 1981.

I am outraged that he calls me a ‘semi-public school boy’, when I am in fact 100% public school.