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Stop the what?

I was thinking about the various G20 demonstrations over the last two days and of all the groups demonstrating I was trying to work out what the Stop the War Coalition were out on the streets for? What was their exact beef?

Oh yes, I know it is to get Nato Troops out of Afghanistan, very noble. I mean who wouldn’t want to allow the Taliban back into power. After all, they flog young women and film it.

From the Guardian today: “A video showing a teenage girl being flogged by Taliban fighters has emerged from the Swat Valley in Pakistan, offering a shocking glimpse of militant brutality in the once-peaceful district, and a sign of Taliban influence spreading deeper into the country.

“The two-minute video, shot using a mobile phone, shows a burka-clad woman face down on the ground. Two men hold her arms and feet while a third, a black-turbaned fighter with a flowing beard, whips her repeatedly.”

Anyway, today is the day that Nato leaders get together and Barack Obama will  plead for more troops to be sent to Afghanistan.