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Masses don’t turn out for Galloway in New York

Given his reception in New York, it may have been wiser for Canadian authorities to allow George Galloway into the country, let him spout off for a few days, and make sure that he leaves.

Galloway attracted an audience of only about 100 when he spoke at Columbia University in New York last night. That included stringers for The Toronto Star and The Vancouver Sun, who almost certainly wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

For Galloway to draw such a relatively small crowd seems like something of a comedown since the glory days of his 2005 North American tour, when he drew audiences in the several hundreds– including more than a thousand for his smackdown with Christopher Hitchens.

Galloway called for a “single-state solution” (i.e., the elimination of Israel) and said other predictable things.

He also said, “I am not a supporter of Hamas,” but supported allowing people to be represented by a government they elect.

The banning from Canada has turned what certainly would have been a quickly-forgotten tour into a cause celebre– much to Galloway’s delight, I’m sure.