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Last Call for Harry’s Place Big Day Out

All of you who haven’t booked for the HP Big Day Out, please do so now. 

This is a different, and follow up tour to the Battle of Cable Street event we held last year. David Rosenberg will be our guide. 

To recap:

Soon after you begin your Radical Jewish East End tour you encounter a number of important landmarks:

  • Angel Alley where the Jewish anarchist tradition lives on
  • Gardiners Corner where East Enders blocked the path to Mosley’s fascists.

and that’s just the start…

During the tour you will find the answer to many questions:

  • Why did the Jews come to the East End?
  • Who was Rudolf Rocker and what did he do?
  • Why was there a riot in Princelet Street in 1904?
  • Who lived in the Rothschild Buildings?
  • What was the Workers Circle?
  • Who was Hannah Billig and why did she refuse a once-in-a-lifetime invitation?

The date of the tour is  Sunday 22 March 2009 – 12 noon.

Email us on

The cost will be a mere £6.50.

We’re looking forward to seeing you.