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Another Harry’s Place Big Day Out

After the success of last year’s Harry’s Place Big Day Out – a Battle of Cable Street walking tour conducted by our friend David Rosenberg – it would be a pity not to follow up with a second tour.

So we will.

Soon after you begin your Radical Jewish East End tour you encounter a number of important landmarks:

  • Angel Alley where the Jewish anarchist tradition lives on
  • Gardiners Corner where East Enders blocked the path to Mosley’s fascists.

and that’s just the start…

During the tour you will find the answer to many questions:

  • Why did the Jews come to the East End?
  • Who was Rudolf Rocker and what did he do?
  • Why was there a riot in Princelet Street in 1904?
  • Who lived in the Rothschild Buildings?
  • What was the Workers Circle?
  • Who was Hannah Billig and why did she refuse a once-in-a-lifetime invitation?

We’d love to see those of you who came last time again, and looking forward to meeting more of you.

We thought that Sunday 22 March 2009 would be a good date. Not sure what time – I quite fancy something around lunchtime. What do you reckon?

If you’d like to book, email us on

Assuming we get 21 walkers, the cost will be a mere £6.50.