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Hope Not Hate Needs A Fiver From You By Midnight Tonight

Nick Lowles says:

Over the past week I’ve been travelling the country with Liz and Lindsay from the American trade unions. They’ve been talking about how their union campaigns made a dramatic impact on Obama’s election and massively increased both voter awareness and turnout. It’s been a real insight.

Now I need your help to implement a similar programme here – we’ve produced a toolkit which will help union branch activists to spread the truth about the BNP to their fellow members. We have the budget to cover two out of three of our key regions – the North West and the West Midlands. But to send the toolkit out to Yorkshire and Humberside we need to raise £1250 before the printer’s deadline at midnight tonight.

Help us make this happen – donate £5 or whatever you can afford now –

The designs have already been sent to the printers. We just need to tell them how many to produce. We’re really excited about this campaign – and are hoping that each union branch that receives our new toolkit will talk to hundreds of their members. But to make this happen we need your help. We don’t have big backers writing us cheques – what we have is a dedicated group of supporters. We have enough in the budget for the North West and the West Midlands. With your help we’ll be able to run this campaign in Yorkshire and Humberside as well. Please rally round and donate £5 or whatever you can afford now.

The toolkit will be of great use for our union members – it rebuts the BNP’s arguments across the board. We both know that a message that simply says “the BNP are racist” won’t cut the mustard. So we lay out the arguments for our supporters to use – explaining how a vote for the BNP will be bad for the voter, their local community and indeed the country.

Thousands of votes could be on the line here and only the fantastic supporters in our email list can act quickly enough to make sure we can get enough campaign materials. I know that I’ve asked a lot of you over the past few weeks – but we need your help more than ever. And we need it by midnight tonight.

Your £5 donation will let us contact hundreds of union members. Please help us now.

The printers are ready to go – as the clock counts down to midnight only you can decide if we can raise enough money to produce the toolkits to take the fight to the BNP in Yorkshire and Humberside.

Please help us – donate £5 or whatever you can afford now.