What, no cash?

The dwindling band of George Galloway fans were pretty excited by his announcement on 17 January that he would be standing for the position of Rector of Edinburgh University.

That is a very good press release. Good on Galloway chirped ‘Anticapitalista’ in the comments box of the Socialist Unity blog.

Does he ever rest! asks Andy Newman, the proprietor.

Hope he wins, it will really piss off the neo cons! exclaims Green Socialist.

Sadly, today brings news that the not normally publicity shy Comrade Galloway has decided to drop out of the race for the post.

But why?

“Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t do anything half-heartedly and I really wouldn’t have been able to spend the time I would have wanted in Edinburgh,”  said Galloway.

Maybe, comrade, maybe.

Or perhaps, there’s another reason…

The rectorship is an unpaid post with a period of office of three years.

George clearly isn’t as gullible as some of his followers.