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Hugo’s very own Groundhog Day

Sunday was an eventful day for President Hugo Chavez.

He condemned the “actions” of those who vandalized a Caracas synagogue, while making the extremely dubious suggestion that it was the work of his political opponents. (About a week ago, a regime-financed website published a piece of disgusting antisemitic filth– which, among other things, urges Venezuelans to scream anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian slogans at Jews in the street. It is still there.)

Chavez also saw to it that his government created a new national holiday— today, February 2– to commemorate his taking power in 1999.

Now Chavez may or may not know that we celebrate our own holiday of sorts on February 2 here in the US– namely Groundhog Day.

But I assume everyone here has seen, or at least knows about, the classic Bill Murray film “Groundhog Day.”

Is there anything more to say?

Update: has finally got around to removing the above-mentioned antisemitic filth. Daniel Duquenal has more.

Further update:
This is astounding. In the 10 years since Chavez came to power, more than 100,000 people have died violently in metropolitan Caracas.

(Hat tip: Caracas Chronicles)