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Lunatics smash up more shops

The latest victim in the “smash something up for peace” campaign is a branch of Tesco in Swansea. Luckily no one had to be hospitalised after this incident, unlike a previous attackin which a Tesco delivery driver’s head was smashed by a brick hurled by a peace protester in Shoreditch.

Tesco in Swansea smashed by idiots.
Tesco in Swansea smashed by idiots.

In this latest episode – photo above courtesy of, no doubt, one of the perpetrators – produce labeled “West Bank” was thrown around and splashed with ‘blood’ (which looks suspiciously like pasta sauce). An unctious busy-body crouches in the starter position behind her handiwork, ready (one supposes) to launch into a self-rightious tirade. Behind her, the most articulate member of the smash-up-Jew-shops brigade bangs on a toy drum, thumping home their bewildering neapolitana libel.

According to their report boastful ego trip on Indymedia, the sole evidence for the targeted produce is that the label says “West Bank” as country of origin.

Now, for some perspective. The West Bank currently exports around US$340 million per annum. Indeed, the World Bank thinks there is significant scope for improvement. David Craig, World Bank Country Director for the West Bank and Gaza, says:

“The Palestinian economy has the potential for dramatic growth, even in the midst of the current global recession. This can only be achieved by the private sector through export oriented growth.”

That’s the World Bank’s view. So do these economically and geopolitically illiterate nincompoops from a Swansea squat really think they’re helping the people of Gaza, or the Palestinian people in general, by sabotaging their export market on the shaky basis that some products from some Israeli settlements also carry the “West Bank” mark?

The bizarre assumption seems to be that West Bank Palestinians live in tents or something and it is only the Israeli settlements that are economically active. This is far from the truth.

Of course, all sensible people realise the link between economic stability and prosperity – and peace. So leave it to know-nothing British fuckwits to wreck any prospect of that!

Twenty years ago, black South African musicians like Ray Phiri, Joseph Tshabalala, Bakhiti Kumalo and Vusi Mahlasela were queuing up for the opportunity to work with Paul Simon and to bring black South African music to the world. So what did the know-better fuckwits in the UK do? Led a boycott of Simon and picketed his concerts, of course.

Sometimes one wishes these people would just find a hobby, or – failing that – not just do something, stand there! Preferably out of the way.