BBC: ‘Crisis unfolding’ in Sri Lanka

According to the BBC:

A major humanitarian crisis is unfolding in northern Sri Lanka, with a quarter of a million people trapped by fighting, the Red Cross says.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) estimates that hundreds of people have been killed in fighting between troops and separatist rebels.

It called on both sides to allow immediate and free access to the combat zone for humanitarian workers.

The military say they are involved in a final push against retreating rebels.

See map of the region

Moving north from the captured rebel town of Mullaitivu, they are trying to secure the north-east coastline to encircle the rebels and say they hope to control the entire north within weeks.

The Tamil Tiger rebels could not be reached immediately for comment.

Access to the combat zone is tightly controlled, making it difficult to verify the actual situation.

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