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The Zionist Menace in London?

I stopped taking Indymedia too seriously a long time ago, but it remains a Huxleyesque doorway into the minds of the far-left and self-proclaimed “anti-fascists” and self-deluding “anti-racists”, and of course the anarchist, extreme animal rights and anti-globalisation luddite crowd.

Of course, in truth, you will find more fascists, racists and loons there than anywhere else. The trouble is, they think they’re the vanguard of a brave new world.

Today’s hilarity is a post tagged – without the slightest hint of irony – “resist fascism”. It begins:

The Zionist menace is on the move again this week with another rally this time against Iran’s supposed support for Hamas.

Excuse me? “The Zionist menace”?

This, obviously, is a little play on words. The original phrase was “The Jewish menace”. And where would you find this?

In Mein Kamf, of course. In the section defending The Protocols of the Elders of Zion!

We at Harry’s Place have been warning about the stready rise of antisemitism in the Left for years, and have been mocked for it. But it is no longer something which can be dismissed or denied. It’s right here, today, in our faces.

Self-proclaimed anti-fascists paraphrasing Mein Kampf – what’s next, you might ask?