Europe,  Israel/Palestine

Amsterdam, January 3, 2009

During an anti-Israel march, Dutch parliament member Harry van Bommel chants “Intifada!” while in the background can be heard another chant: “Hamas, Hamas, Joden aan het gas!” (“Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas!”)

I wonder if they were marching past Anne Frank’s house at the time.

(Hat tip: Mikey)

Update: Radio Netherlands reports:

Socialist Party MP Harry van Bommel says that in the wake of consultations with the Dutch Auschwitz Committee, he has decided not to attend the Auschwitz Remembrance ceremony on 25 January. According to a press release on the Dutch Auschwitz Committee’s website, the organisation convinced the Socialist MP not to attend. Mr Van Bommel was severely criticised by fellow MPs and numerous organisations in the Netherlands last week after he called for a new intifada against Israel during a demonstration. He was also criticised for doing nothing while marching in the midst of a group shouting “Hamas, Hamas, all the Jews to the gas” and other anti-Semitic chants.

(Hat tip: tim)