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Saladin1970: Nut Job

This is a guest post by Lucy Lips’s Sister

Readers of this forum may have noticed the front page of The Sun on Wednesday dealing with the

“hate-filled Islamic extremists [who] are drawing up a ‘hit list’ of Britain’s leading Jews.”

Specifically mentioned by The Sun, was a poster by the username of Saladin1970 who had created a thread on the Ummah Forum at the end of last year, where he believed

“that the time is right to compile a list of british people who support Israel.”

Saladin1970 immediately got to work and provided a link to the Jewish Chronicle list of the 100 people who “wield the greatest influence on British Jewry.” He was disappointed that he had not yet obtained their addresses or telephone numbers. He also got quite excited to find a web site that had the names of representatives of the Union of Jewish Students listed. With a clear confusion as to what is Zionist and what is Jewish, he decided that the UK Jewish Film Festival should be targeted and boycotted. He linked to the web site of the Labour MP, Louise Ellman, who he determined a “vile woman”; published the email address and a contact telephone number of David Hirsh who runs the Engage web site which tackles antisemitism; published the names of prominent Jewish businessmen and linked to a blatantly antisemitic web site headlined “Blair’s Jewish Paymasters” that itself published the names of numerous prominent British Jews.

This was not the only thread that Saladin1970 has recently published on the Ummah Forum. An examination of some others show that in the last few days he has called for the Board of Deputies of British Jews to be removed from the Interfaith Network for the United Kingdom. This network aims to “create good inter faith relations.”

Readers of this forum may also not be surprised that Saladin1970, writing as Saladin1970.5, is also active on the MPACuk forum. Given his recent press publicity, and knowing that some people monitor that particular forum, he wanted to ensure that

“moderators … check through any posts with the links to the jewish top 100 and make sure there are no illegal threats.”

This led a different contributor to point out that there had been a thread

“saying that all Jews are murderous coniving scum and should be driven into the sea,”

but it had been deleted. Saladin1970.5 confirmed that it had been retracted and added

“Calling for for the fluffy zionist murderers to be driven into the sea. was wrong. they should all be exiled to siberia.”

Going further than those who simply want to boycott Israeli universities, and noting that some Israeli academics will be lecturing at SOAS , Saladin 1970.5 stated categorically:

i fully believe that there should be no normalcy with any organization that supports israel such as the Jewish board of directors, and that there should be grass root activity to prevent Jewish academics coming to Britian. [Emphasis added.]

Getting on his high horse, and full of confidence, he adds in a later contribution:

I am going to do one simple thing, and post the link to the 100 most active zionists in Britain, and then muslims can judge for themselves if it is beneficial to work towards negating, their influence using the organizations and manpower at our disposal and then they can imagine a britain without these wormtongues whispering in the ears of politicians etc

On New Years Day, Saladin1970.5 informed readers of the MPACuk forum of his dream:

Imagine if there where no zionists in UK and US

Imagine with a wave of your wand, all zionists in the UK and US dissappeared, and in their place where those sympathetic to palestine.

so there would be no Labour friends of Israel, no Conservative friends of Israel.

No Jewish learning Centre promoting education and student transfer in Hendon.

No David Hirsh at Goldsmiths University overturning academic boycot.

No dodgy zionist funders of Labour, no Board of Deputies. No jewish david milband, etc

He elaborates his dream:

Maybe the muslims at goldsmith will mount a campaign to have the pro zionist David Hursh removed, so that he will not be in a position to reverse the academic boycott of Israel….

Maybe the muslim lawyers association will mount a campaign to have the writer on Harrys blog who works for a top law firm, removed from his job, for propogating extremist views.

He proudly informed his readers,

“We are all palestinan, and we are all hamas.”

Saladin1970 has form stretching back at least a few years of this kind of thing. In 2006 he spent three days vandalising the on-line encyclopaedia, Wikipedia.

He deemed it “an important factor” to ensure that users of this source were aware in the first few words of the entry for the mass-murdering doctor Harold Shipman , that – so he claimed – he had been born Jewish. His cited evidence for this was that Shipman is a Jewish name and that Abu Hamza, someone who a few months earlier had been jailed for seven years for “inciting murder and stirring up racial hatred,” said so. So important did Saladin1970 deem this fact that despite being told that it was not relevant information, he reverted the information on six separate occasions after it had been deleted.

In this three day spell as a Wikipedia editor, he also found the time to edit the entry for 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, adding information to suggest that Israel had advance knowledge of the terrorist atrocities. He was , quite prolific in promoting Alan Hart’s self-published and notorious, Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews. After three days, Wikipedia finally had enough of his nonsense and the arbitrators ultimately banned him.

In February 2006, he was on form at the MPACuk forum writing about the Board of Deputies of British Jews: a

“shadowy zionist organisation, and all the other shadowy organisations that would harm britian and its interests for the zionist state.”

Clearly believing the notorious forgery, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, he comments that the Board of Deputies,

“list a few people, but it is the shadowy tenticales they spread throughout the british political system in order to further the cause of political Zionism.”

One has good reason to believe that Saladin1970 was writing as Saladin70 at the Delphi Forums in 2005. It was on this forum where he originally came to my attention and here where Saladin70 decided to publish “jewish titbits from the Talmud,” such as, according to him,

“Whosoever disobeys the rabbis deserves death and will be punished by being boiled in hot excrement in hell.”

There was also his thread on “Holocust and jewish pornography.” Naturally, he had a thread on “talmud and ritual murder.” It was in this thread that Saladin70 informed readers that Jews,

“still practice ritual murder and the drinking of human blood (especially Christian blood).”

Those of his readers that are anti-Zionist but not antisemitic, will no doubt be interested in his thread on “Jewish child molesters” which he wonders has anything to do with

“the talmud edict about molesting children.”

Or, one can read his thread where he told his readers, “Jews are like leeches.”

So interested was Saladin70 in Jewish matters, that he created a Jewish Discussion Board where one could “discuss jews against zionism and jewish contribution around the world.” “no, jew bashing allowed,” he insisted, “this is a forum for jews and gentiles to discuss the evil that is Zionism.”

In keeping with this lofty aim, he started a thread entitled Holohoax, where he regurgitated and promoted 1992 Holocaust Denial material from David Cole. When another contributor to the forum pointed out to him that in 1998 Cole had retracted and apologised for his earlier views, Saladin70 responded,

“Thank you very much for showing how the zionists have frightened Cole into silence, it is really awful how much zionists supress the truth, and threaten anyone who questions their lies.”

There is only one thing for it. He needs a bowl of chicken soup.