Israel/Palestine,  Stateside

US Senate backs Israel against Hamas

In an action certain to fuel the suspicions of Mearsheimer & Walt and their acolytes, the US Senate has approved by voice vote a resolution, sponsored by leaders of both parties, supporting Israel in its conflict with Hamas.

The brief resolution (which can and should be read here in pdf) also “encourages the President to work actively to support a durable, enforceable, and sustainable cease-fire in Gaza, as soon as possible, that prevents Hamas from retaining or rebuilding the capability to launch rockets and mortars against Israel and allows for the long term improvement of daily living conditions for the ordinary people of Gaza” and “reiterates… strong support for United States Government efforts to promote a just resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a serious and sustained peace process that leads to the creation of a viable and independent Palestinian state living in peace alongside a secure State of Israel.”

The House of Representatives is expected to approve a similar resolution, with “no” votes likely from Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul and a few others.