The Green Birds of Gaza

There is a hadith, popular among jihadis, that goes as follows:

When your brothers were struck at the Battle of Uhuh, Allah placed their spirits in the insides of green birds, who go to the rivers of paradise, eat from its produce, and then alight upon candles of gold in the shadow of the Throne. When they realise the goodness of their drink and food, and the beauty of their rest, they say: “Would that our brothers knew what Allah has done with us, so that they too would devote themselves to jihad, and not abstain from battle”. “

After the execution of the Bali terrorist murderers, jihadis were pathetically excited at the appearance of two green birds:

SubhanAllah.. here are two green birds that were never seen before in that village, came after moments of the burrial of the three Indonessian brothers and started to fly around their tombs..

See how the people say Allahu Akbar and cry..

Yes, who would have thought it. Two green birds in an island paradise.

And now, on the website of the Jamaat-e-Islami aligned Islamic Forum of Europe where our old friend Azad Ali blogs, the former IFE President, Tohel Ahmed is at it too:

The entire Muslim world is being tested but it is only the Palestinians who have stepped up to the plate and are succeeding and passing with flying colours. Can we all not see the skies above Gaza! Are they not full of beautiful ‘Green Birds’?

No, the skies of Gaza are not full of beautiful “Green Birds”. They are full of F16s.

The souls of Hamas terrorists are not being carried to the rivers of paradise inside green birds. Rather, they are dying, and after dying, they will stay dead forever.

Tragically, the very same thing is happening to innocent Palestinians in Gaza: those killed by Hamas missiles fallings short of their targets, those murdered by Gaza during their coup, and those who have died when Israeli bombs have blown up Hamas missile caches and installations.

None of these people should have died. None of them would have died, if Hamas and their supporters concentrated on building a functioning state, rather than encouraging and organising jihadi “martyrs”, with pathological fantasies about “green birds”